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Artist's statement

We tend to demand emotion from music but explanation from visual art.

For me, the strongest positive response to a piece of art is an emotional one, beyond rationalization.


The examples shown in the  'Identity'  portfolio are exploring the fear of rejection and of social exclusion that stops us taking risks to express those parts of us that we normally suppress.

The  mixed media ( 'Nature Nurture')  portfolio looks at the bombardment of exterior  pressures to conform - to do or be dammed - such as religion, the Political arena, the Media, the Advertising industry etc.  'trust me, do as I say and you'll be safe/saved'.

The  'Oil on canvas'  group :  The abstracts came first and through  them   I explored my immediate environment - playing with colour, light, tone and observing how the balance of these elements affect the composition and change the 'reality'.  Being abstract, they demand a sensory reaction. It was only through playing with collage and mixed media that I found a way to introduce the figure element without seeming didactive or symbolic.


But all this is rationalization. And secondary. 

The primal, non-verbal response is the strongest .


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